Taking The Mess Out of Stamped Concrete

The Concrete Store at Sagamore Ready Mix is happy to add a new item to its product line. Butterfield Color has come up with an antiquing agent for new or old stamped concrete called Perma-Tique, which mixes with water to provide the look of powdered antiquing release but with little to no mess. It is more permanent than antiquing with a mixture of powdered and liquid releases, and reduces the sealer adhesion problems which can occur from doing so (for more on this topic, please read the article entitled Too Much Antiquing Release. Perma-Tique allows one to achieve a deeply mottled appearance without the time-consuming and expensive cleanup associated with powder release. Aside from cleanliness and cost savings, antiquing with Perma-Tique provides several other benefits as well.

With the Perma-Tique process, concrete is stamped using clear liquid release. This helps the contractor stay healthier by eliminating breathable airborne dust, and helps him avoid drifting dust problems with the customer’s neighbors. In addtition, clear liquid release allows the contractor to see exactly how much impression he has gotten while stamping. Conversely, with powdered release it often appears as though one has gotten more impression than he actually has. Clear liquid release eliminates the nasty no-texture surprises that are normally found only after powdered release is washed off.

Perma-Tique is a great way to highlight indoor concrete without creating a dusty mess, and is also great for use near lakes or streams to prevent an unsightly colored film atop the water.

Another benefit of Perma-Tique is that it allows contractors to make multiple colored pours at different times on the same job, then antique them all at the same time later to achieve a more cohesive overall appearance. In short, Perma-Tique can eliminate many of the color match problems associated with stamping adjoining slabs.

Unlike antiquing with powdered release mixed with liquid, Perma-Tique achieves a strong bond which cannot be easily brushed away after drying. Therefore, Perma-Tique does not create a bond-breaker with concrete sealer like residual powder release can.

Finally, clear liquid release and Perma-Tique allow the contractor to stay cleaner throughout the stamping and antiquing processes, which can save money otherwise spent on new work clothes.

The Perma-Tique process is simple. The slab is poured and stamped as usual, but substituting clear liquid release for messy colored powder. The next day, just after crack control joints are sawed into the slab and the sawdust has been thoroughly washed away, an antiquing solution of Perma-Tique and water is sprayed onto the wet slab using a pump-up garden sprayer. The colored Perma-Tique settles into the stamped joints and depressions, where it puddles and dries. If the owner wants more antiquing color, the contractor can simply spray on more Perma-Tique. Perma-Tique is available in the same 14 colors shown on the powder antiquing release color chart.

When the water from the Perma-Tique solution evaporates and the slab has completely dried, concrete sealer is applied to protect the surface and enhance its color. The same antiquing process may be used to recolor or rejuvenate older stamped concrete as well.