Using Texture Shoes for More Consistent Imprinting

When stamping concrete, there is a fine line between getting adequate texture and leaving too little. Concrete often sets so quickly that it cannot be properly textured. The results are smooth spots exhibiting too little impression. To eliminate this occurrence, many contractors attempt to get a jump on things by beginning to stamp when the concrete is still very soft. Although stamping soft does yield more texture, it often creates other problems such as footprint-shaped dips in the finished work. These depressions or “bird baths” are not only unsightly, but can prevent water from draining properly from the slab. In cold climates, water collected in the dips may freeze and cause slipping hazards.

To help eliminate bird baths and save the contractor much grief, Butterfield Color of Aurora, Illinois has introduced a line of textured stamping shoes. Using the same concept as snowshoes, a wide, flat sole distributes weight over a larger area to prevent the wearer from sinking in.  Concrete texture shoes are worn while walking atop concrete stamps, and allow crew members to begin stamping much sooner, leading to better and more consistent texture. They are especially effective when used in conjunction with seamless skins, which are much more flexible and thinner than pattern stamps. Butterfield’s shoes are available in medium, large, and extra large sizes and three different textures. Their Chiseled Slate, Bluestone, and Coarse Stone textures are a perfect match for Butterfield stamps, and will resemble the texture found on many other brands of concrete stamps as well.

There are two distinct advantages to the shoes’ textured soles. The first is that they allow a stamp man to imprint against a wall without repeatedly bending over to use a touch-up skin. He simply steps on the concrete abutting the wall, and it is textured. The second advantage is that if a worker inadvertently steps off of a stamp mat, he won’t leave unattractive boot tread marks in the surface of the concrete.

Another very unique feature of these shoes is their ingenious fastening system. The shoes’ uppers are made of lightweight foam rubber, similar to a pair of “Crocs”.  A set of bristle-like fingers securely hold the shoe onto the worker’s boot by friction. This amazing yet simple technology allows the shoes to quickly slip on and off, with no straps or buckles to worry about. This saves valuable imprinting time that may be needed later as the concrete sets up.

Textured Stamping Shoes, along with the rest of Butterfield Color’s product line,  are available for purchase at the Sagamore Ready Mix Concrete Store in Fishers, Indiana. The shoes are one of the simplest and least expensive ways to improve the quality of your stamped and textured concrete.