Using Concrete as an Artistic Medium

It is often said that decorative concrete is an artform, and that stamped or stained concrete installers are “artisans”. While it is true that installing quality decorative concrete requires a degree of skill and artistic savvy, many of the products and processes have been refined to the point where the ability to follow instructions and pay attention to detail are more important than true artistic ability. In other words, the results can be mass produced. The finished work, although beautiful, is not really “art” in the true sense, and the installers not so much “artists” as “talented craftsmen”.

Some installers, however, do consider concrete a genuine artistic medium. They feel the need to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind. By pushing the materials and processes a step beyond their normal boundaries, they use concrete in much the same way as other artists work in paint, clay, wood, or marble. For them, concrete is ideal for creating completely original artworks.

Concrete’s unique properties make it infinitely versatile. It can be wet-cast in a mold, dry-packed, shaped by hand, chiseled, carved, sawed, drilled, stained, colored. or manipulated in countless other ways. It can take any shape or form that one can imagine. From sculpted concrete statuary, to wall hangings, to furniture or ornamental features, there is almost no material that can compare with concrete.

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